Purchase transactions with Gruppo Granvela occur without intermediation costs. This feature allows us to ensure further added value to those who contact our sales network directly.

Granvela S.p.A. is the holding of a group that has been synonymous with reliability and competence in the real estate market for 60 years. It stands out because of its particular capacity to achieve, modernize and give value to highly functioning,

elegant and detail-oriented projects. Its activities address both the purchase of entire buildings and their construction with subsequent direct sales of individual property units, mainly for residential purposes.



Varese - Via Avegno 4 - 6

5 rooms  mq 215  € 355.000

Parking space

Milan - Via Melchiorre Gioia 72

Single  mq 10  € 25.000


Milan - Via Giannone 9

Single  mq 15  € 30.000

Land for greenfiel

- SP 101/Mallero

  mq 221000  € 0


Monza - viale Elvezia 14

Open space  mq 790  € 550.000